Relics of the Passion Drew Hundreds to the Shrine

    Hundreds flocked to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, March 28, to venerate eight rare relics of the Passion of Our Lord. The event was part of the Lenten Journey with John Paul II, a weekly guide through Lent with reflections on selected written works of the pope.



    10th Anniversary Novena

    To mark the 10th anniversary of the holy death of St. John Paul II, the shrine invites all to take part in a novena beginning March 24 and ending on April 1.



    Sixth Week of Lent: Suffering

    “The sufferings of Christ created the good of the world’s redemption. This good in itself is inexhaustible and infinite,” John Paul II wrote. “But at the same time, in the mystery of the Church as his Body, Christ has in a sense opened his own redemptive suffering to all human suffering.”



    John Paul II in America: Uniting a Continent

    A new K of C-produced documentary on St. John Paul II and his relationship with North and South America will screen this month on national television networks.



    The Shrine Announces New Hours of Operation

    The Saint John Paul II National Shrine announces its new hours of operation including expanded weekend hours for liturgical worship beginning January 24-25, 2015.


    Mission Statement

    The Saint John Paul II National Shrine is a place of pilgrimage and the veneration of St. John Paul II, and above all, the worship of God. The shrine and its programs respond to St. John Paul II’s call for a new evangelization by communicating the inherent relationship of religion and culture to all interested parties through its liturgy and prayer, education and Christian formation, as well as its exhibits and conferences.


    Submit Your Requests for St. John Paul II's Intercession

    Your prayer requests will be offered up in the daily Masses at the Saint John Paul II National Shrine.


Fifth Week of Lent: Conversion

“The discovery of God’s saving presence in the flux of human experience spurs us to conversion.” John Paul II writes in his 1999 Lenten Message. One remarkable story of conversion is in Luke 19:1-10, when Jesus enters not just the home of Zacchaeus, but his heart as well.

Fourth Week of Lent: Forgiveness

“The only path to peace is forgiveness. Forgiveness given and received enables a new kind of relationship among people, breaking the spiral of hatred and revenge,” Pope John Paul II writes in his 2001 Lenten Message.

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The St. John Paul II National Shrine will offer NO MASSES on April 2, 3, 4, and 5, i.e., HOLY THURSDAY, GOOD FRIDAY, HOLY SATURDAY, EASTER SUNDAY. Please view the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception's schedule for Mass information on the aforementioned dates.


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