Permanent Exhibit

A Gift of Love: The Life of St. John Paul II, a major exhibit covering some 16,000 square feet, allows pilgrims to immerse themselves in the life and teaching of this pope and saint. The exhibit leads the pilgrim on a spiritual itinerary through Karol Wojtyła’s early years and the maturing of his vocation as a priest and bishop amidst some of the darkest moments of the twentieth century.

Personal artifacts, texts, images and interactive displays combine to illustrate the Pope’s historic election, his passion for “Christ, the Redeemer of Man” and his courageous defense of the dignity of the human person. Through the dramatic events of John Paul II’s 25-year pontificate, and finally through the witness he bore in his final illness and death, the visitor can glimpse the fruitfulness of a life given over in service – the fruitfulness of a human being who, like his Lord, sought to love “to the end” (John 13:1).